Alois Lashofer 

hydropower-potential analysis, turbine consulting and dimensioning of hydropower screws


Which turbine is best for my location?

Maybe it's a hydropower screw, but perhaps it is also worth thinking about conventional concepts or newer inventions ..
I offer advice on site-potentials and low-head technologies.



What proportions shall my hydropower screw have - to achieve the optimal yield?

Most manufacturers don´t
sufficiently consider the duration curve and, unfortunately, still have no real idea what efficiencies can be reached.. I offer many years of experience in the efficiency research and knowledge of the field ( manufacturers, distributors, operators, researchers , ..)


Where does a hydroelectric project make sense?

Is there a potential hydropower site
in my region? - or on a particular section of a river?
I offer experience in site surveying
and the design of hydropower sites.




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